You can help make a difference. 



Donations go towards new shelters, food, medical care, blankets for the horses and so much more that contributes to their health and wellbeing. 100% of donations go to the horses, and are also completely tax deductible.

The horses thank you greatly for your contribution.


How will your contributions be utilized?

$10 Donation = one bag of basic feed (feeds 1 horse for 1 month)
$20 Donation = two bags of feed
$40 Donation = one horse’s hoof trim (scheduled every 6 weeks)
$55 Donation = large bale of hay
$100 Donation = over half of a dental procedure
$114 Donation = one 25 lb. bag of supplements (lasts the heard 22 days)
$150 Donation = one month medication for Shekinah and Revel
$225 Donation = one ton of hay (lasts approximately 1 week)
$250 Donation = one dental procedure for one horse (yearly)
$720 Donation = entire herd hooves trimmed (scheduled every 6 weeks)
$4500 Donation = entire herd dentals (yearly)

Sponsor One Horse
and their individual needs

$20/month provides feed and supplements
$40/month trims their feet
$50/month provides hay
$75/month medicates either Revel or Shekinah
$250/year provides an annual dental
$850/year feeds a horse

All donations help Melanie to keep the Sanctuary running and help her feel totally supported knowing others feel the same about saving horses.


Horses’ Wishlist

  • 2 solar gates installed and have the cattle guards removed. We estimated the cost to be about $2000-$2500/each.

    The cattle guards are dangerous for the horses. The COID (Central Oregon Irrigation District) requires a solar gate to specs that they provide. We estimated the cost to be about $2000-$2500/each. Unless I can get someone else to install them. This would help to make my property more secure and safe for all.

  • Dentals for all of the horses at an average of $165-200 per horse.
    The vet will wave the exam fee when dentals are done with yearly check ups.

  • Farrier is $35/trim and each horse gets trimmed every 8 weeks. However, 3 of the horses need trims every 4 weeks.

  • Horses Dynamite Supplement is $114 for 25 pounds.

  • Haystack Natural Feed, it’s non-GMO and non-sprayed
    (We get a 10% discount at Oregon Feed and Irrigation for being a nonprofit)

    Special Blend $10.75/bag

    Small alfalfa pellets $8.95/bag

  • Manure Management (aka. Manure Meditation) is a paid position at $12.50/hour

  • We would love to be able to offer scholarships to our Kids Summer Camp programs which run at $150 per child.

  • Living Quarters(stick built) for an on site worker

  • Small Corner Loafing Shed for Nez

  • John Deere Gator with dump bed for feeding horses

  • Fencing Material and Labor

  • Donated cars for resale

  • Donated Land

  • Good quality hay (orchard grass and low sugar)

  • Excavation work for additional automatic waterers

  • Generator for well pump operation to water horses

  • Electrical work for generator hookup



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