Horse Sanctuary


In May of 2015, a herd of eleven horses in need came into my life, and I offered them sanctuary on the land here.

Later, it entered my awareness that their previous owner was truly unable to care for all eleven horses properly. In October, she finally signed eight of them over to me and moved on with the other three. As difficult as it was to let three of them go, I knew it was in everyone’s best interests to let her take those three.

Thankfully, I was able to help the eight in my care, and they are on their way to full recovery. These beautiful beings have truly been a gift to me, and, together with my two original mares, they are all tremendous healers.

They have gone through their own tremendous healing. When they first came here, they were listless and their eyes were dull. Many were emaciated. A few were near death.


Their transformation has been remarkable and beautiful! They are becoming the horses I knew they were: their eyes have life back in them and their coats have a sheen to them. They are much like people who become their true selves after much work and rehabilitation.

They are still recovering and have received consistent care for the first time in a long time, including: hoof care, vet care, Reiki®, herbal care, and dental care.

Every day, I am grateful for their presence here and, I believe, they appreciate knowing they will never go without a meal again. They are home here, and I plan to provide that security for them for the remainder of their lives.

Love and Light,

Melanie Monge, Director of HeartSpace Horse Sanctuary

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